Margherita Caspani is a 23-year-old illustrator based in Milan, Italy. After graduating from grammar high school, she enrolls in Animation and Illustration from IED in Milan, where she gets her degree with honors during summer 2021. Her thesis is selected by Amaze Project among the best thesis projects of the academic year.

During her studies, Margherita begins to get recognition, winning Wacom’s lockdown contest in 2020. In the same year, Margherita’s project “Relatable Chaos” is awarded the third prize in the student’s category of Annual Autori di Immagini, association which rewards her again in 2021 with “Phobias” and in 2022 with her illustration “Inclusion”. In 2021 Margherita wins the Global Panda Illustration contest in Shenzhen, China.
Meanwhile, her works are selected and awarded by Italian and international competitions, such as Premio Fedriani in Genoa, CQ Magazine in New York and Communication Arts in California. Some of the most known clients of hers are Acqua di Parma, Piccolo Teatro, LaFeltrinelli and Salone del Mobile.
In 2023, Margherita wins a bronze medal by Annual Autori di Immagini and is rewarded an award of excellence by Communication Arts in California.

Margherita’s world is oneiric and suspended, her images have a strong communicative impact but are narrated through delicate metaphors. Margherita has a singular intuition for synthesis, her style reminds of silence but is also ironic and bizarre. She lets herself be carried away by the imagery of Surrealism, creating pop yet elegant illustrations. Margherita loves leaving traces of herself in her artwork, making every piece personal and autobiographic.
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